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All Candles Are Custom Made By Franciscan Friars Conventual


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Franciscan Soy candles feature a 3-part wood wick system. Each candle is hand poured into a 12oz Libbey Status glass jar. All candles come with a lid and an eco-friendly gift box.

Personalized Candles

See our custom templates. Personalize your candle here!


Here is what our customers have to say!

Georgette from West Seneca, NY

I highly recommend the Friar-made soy candles. They burn clean and the scent filled my entire house from just one candle. The wood wick was a special bonus as it crackles and adds ambiance. I wouldn't hesitate to use these as gifts as they are a very high-quality product.

Lynn from Hamburg, NY

I first purchased my soy candle for Christmas gifts. Aside from being locally made, the packaging was beautiful and unique, with the labels expressing the perfect Christmas wishes. I now purchase them for the beautiful scents, the soy benefits, and the peaceful feeling they create from the crackling wooden wicks.


I enjoy the 40 hours of pleasing fragrance that these candles provide.

Benjamin from Hamburg, NY

I absolutely love my soy candle. The candle adds unmatched ambience and is quite comforting. See for yourself...

Nancy from  Hamburg, NY

I really enjoy the soy candles. The fragrance lasts for the entirety of the candle burning. I especially like the wood wick as it crackles and adds a nice ambiance to the room. It is a great gift and especially nice when you can pick the label that you want.

In Memory of Br. Andre Picotte OFM Conventual Born on April 11, 1945 and died on May 3rd, 2024.

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